Patan (Lalitpur) means ‘the city of art’ located 5 KM south of central Kathmandu, across the Bagmati river. This city founded in 3rd century A.D by King Veera Dev. The monuments in this square date back to the medevial Malla period from 16th to 18th century.

Main Chowaks(Courtyards):- Mul Chowk, Sundari Showk and Mani Keshab Narayan Chowk are the three main chowks. The sundari chowk was built in 1647 A.D. by King Narshing Malla, the master piece of stone sculpture known as the Royal Bath.

Bhimsen Temple:- This temple is very popular amongst the local merchant and trader communities is located on the extreme north of the square.

Vishwa Nath Temple:- The temple is built in Pagoda style and houses a large phallic of Lord Shiva, the temple is guarded by two Elephant. Located near the Bhimsen temple.

Krishna Mandir:- The first specimen of Shikhara style temple entirely made of stone was built in the 17th centure by King Siddhi Nashing Malla is the only temple in Nepal with 21 golden pinnacles and contains engraved scenes from the epics of Ramayan and Mahabharata.

Jagnath Temple:- The one of the oldest temple is located south of the Krishna temple known as the Char Narayan temple, guarded by two Lions and half human form sculpted in stone.

Harishankar Temple:- The temple was built in 1704 A. D. by thr wives of King Yog Narendra Malla after deth in his memory. This temple also known as ‘Sati Temple’ is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu (Hari and Shankar).

Taleju Temple:- The temples were built in 17th century by King Siddhi Narsingha Malla are unique examples of craftmanship in wood.

Golden Temple:- The temple is located at a walking distance north from the main square was built in 12th century by King Bhaskar Verma, contains image of Amoghpash lokeshwor,Large prayer wheel and paintings of Lord Buddha.

Kumbheshwor Temple:- The temple was built in late 14th century by King Jayastithi Malla is dedicated to Lord Shiva during his reign. The temple located a few minutes walk north from the main square.

Mahaboudha:- An architech named Avaya Raj was constructed the temple in 15th century with thousand images of Lord Buddha made of fine quality bricks.

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